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Smart JOB

SmartJOB is a powerful and simple to use production scheduling software.

SmartJOB makes it easier to manage your orders (raw materials) as stock goes below defined base line, inward, update inventory, release material to floor for production, trace raw material on floor and in stock, maintaining FIFO (First-In- First-Out) for releasing material for production, scheduling jobs, updating produced finished goods, dispatching the product after packaging.

JOB Scheduling

With a good JOB scheduling plan; operator (machine workers) will exactly know what production job they have to perform exactly after completing the current running job. This helps to achieve the time line. Can automatically generate a bar code containing routings and material requirements details.

Material Planning

  • Automatically selects alternate raw materials if primary material is not available.
  • After issuing raw materials to jobs recalculate the raw material on production floor and in inventory.
  • Keep track of baseline stock and creates an automatic triggers (alerts) to update you that ‘abc’ material needs to be ordered.
  • So reduced resource downtime waiting for raw material.
  • And good control on inventory as the raw material will be ordered and purchased at the right time and with right quantity.

Customized Reports

  • Can compare actual time vs. estimated times.
  • For better planning; Can see all pending orders .
  • A daily master report contains raw material stock in inventory, raw material on floor, production of finished goods (item wise), completed orders, pending orders, inward and dispatch for the day.