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‘Smart City’ Mobile Application

  • ‘Smart City’ Mobile App is specially designed for residents and tourists of city to reach at their ‘places of interest’ conveniently; as it contains address, contact details, image and other details of the target destination.

  • With ‘Smart City’ app you can have all important contact details and addresses as of police stations, ambulance, NGOs, blood banks, snack catchers and many others easily accessible.

  • ‘Smart City’ mobile app is specially designed to provide you fast and reliable services by connecting the service providers to their potential customers.

  • ‘Smart City’ intends to provide an online platform to thousands of SMEs (Small And Medium Sized Enterprises) to get them discovered and transacted.

  • This service is aimed at making several day-to- day tasks conveniently actionable and accessible to the users.

  • Smart City App enables people to find bus and train time table easily. As this app works offline too user can find bus and train time table though internet is not available.

  • People can give rent ads for their property, ad for their property sale / buy, ad for selling or buying used vehicles and so many others like this.

  • People can get updates on medical services like doctors, ICUs, multi specialty hospitals, pathology labs with their timings.

  • Smart City App is simple to search business, products, and services in your area with ease. On single click you get list of all shops with their address and contact details where you can also find the best deals.

  • With ‘Smart City’ Android application you can reach thousands of people quickly in case of any emergencies etc who have installed this app on their smart phone..

  • Live app available at Playstore – ‘Smart Parbhani’