Smart Billing

Smart Billing (Web Application)

QuickIB (Quick Inventory and Billing Management System) is a web based application purely designed for inventory and billing management of shops of any type which works online as well as offline.

Point of Sale

POS with QuickIB is really quick and fast which ensures your customers that they have very little waiting time at billing desk.

GST Ready

QuickIB is GST ready billing software for all types of shops.

Barcode Printing and Scanning

With QuickIB you can design your own labels containing barcode and integrate this printed barcode with your customer billing.

Control your business Smartly with customized reports

With the different filtrations provided on the reports, you can easily identify stock in hand, orders to be placed (as you will get notifications on dashboard as your stock level goes below your predefined base line). So you can order the stock before ‘Item out of stock issue’ arises. Also you will not over stock the items. Here you can find most running and not running items on counter season wise; so you can place orders accordingly. Here purchase orders turns into vendor bills automatically. With the customized reports of QuickB you can view sales and purchase reports date wise.